Does the Wife Not Like the New Girlfriend?

 The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Sunset Blvd residence outside Clinton at 2:01 yesterday afternoon on a report of Domestic Violence and assault. A man said that his wife had come over to his house and started an argument with him about wanting to move his girlfriend into his residence. Noting they’ve been separated for 13 months, he said his wife lives in Laurens with four men. The man said his wife got out of a truck and grabbed his girlfriend by the hair, slinging her to the ground; then went into her truck, presumably to retrieve a weapon. The girlfriend then got up and pulled the wife from her truck. The man said he stood in front of the wife’s truck in an attempt to keep her from leaving, since he had called 911. He claimed that the wife then got back in the truck and threatened to get her gun, then grazed his leg with her truck as she left.

The girlfriend told Deputy Bollman said the girlfriend told him her boyfriend’s wife had come over and began arguing with her boyfriend. She said that when she went outside, the wife grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. She said when the wife got into the truck she was reaching for her glove box, where the girlfriend suspected a gun was located so she pulled the wife from the truck so she could not get to a gun, should one be there. Both the husband and his girlfriend said they didn’t want to prosecute his wife, but just wanted the incident documented.