Ten Traditions about The First Day Of May

 by Jan

# 10. It used to be popular to give ” May Baskets”, this is when you would leave a basket filled with flowers and candy on someone’s porch. Can’t do that now cause everyone would be scared there might be a bomb in it.


# 9. In Great Britian they have a May Day festival called ” Obby Oss”, which translates to Hobby Horse. It is believed to be one of the oldest fertility rites in the UK. I think that is where Wal-Mart got the idea for the horse in front of their store that you can ride for 50 cents.


# 8. In St. Andrews, some of the students gather on the beach at night on April 30th to get ready to jump into the North Sea at sunrise on May the first naked. This is accompied by much elated celebration. I say no more bout this.


# 7. In Glasgow, an old tradition is for young women to climb Authur’s Seat, and wash their faces in the morning dew,  and they will have life long beauty. I don’t know who Aurthur is and I Guess they forgot to tell Nancy Pelosi about this.


# 6. In Romania they have what is called Mugwort day, where everyone drinks Mugwort wine or just red wine to pretect them from diseases. Wonder if that is why people here drink red wine, come to think of it, wineo’s are never to sick to drink .


# 5. France used to celebrate the first of May by giving out Lily of the Valley flowers to everyone. Back then they only took 2 baths a year so I guess this helped.


# 4. Young people in Germany celebrate May Day by leaving a tree wrapped in streamers on a girl’s porch as a love interest, but if the tree has all white streamers it means dislike. What color was your’s this morning Randy ? Nevermind, mine was white too !


# 3. In Finland, the tradition is for young people to hang their caps on a statue, just why I don’t know, but here they don’t wear caps so they hang panties and bras on the statues, I don’t know the why for that either.


# 2. May the first is recognized as Law Day in the USA. We have had a lot of those passed lately by our president, some in total secret uh huh !


# 1. The all time tradition is dancing around a May Pole with streamers on it. Had to stop that  as some of the women had a little too much happy juice and decided to do a pole dance sho nuff, this did not go over too well with the officials that were there.