Ten Ways To Know It Has Rained Too Much

 By Jan

# 10. When the deer have to swim across the road in front of you instead of running, and you have to decide which mud hole has less water so you can dodge the deer.


# 9. The day you can put a little shampoo on your dogs then let them out and they come in wet and clean.


# 8. If the water table in your area and the kitchen table are at the same level.


# 7. When you see cats running all around with a puzzled look on their face cause they can’t find any dry sand to take a morning dump !


# 6. You have had clothes on the line for 5 days and they are still not dry.


# 5. What about the 2 foot high red mounds in your yard, it is the fire ants having to build much higher than usual to get out of the water.


# 4. Look out in your neighbor’s back yard and see them dancing in the rain, naked as a Jay bird, but with a bar of soap and a towel.


# 3. Don’t go fishing cause if the fish come to the top of the river and open their mouth, they might drown.


# 2. When the squirrels and birds gather at your back door and ask to use your blow dryer.


# 1. You ask some one to go to the store for you and they have to ask the neighbor to let them borrow their boat.