Top Ten Other Taxes on the Internet

WLBG TOP TEN * Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#10…A couple thoughts on it, Randy: E-bay

 #9 … The state could get rich taxing computer sales or anything related to computers.  We could charge one fee for the mouse, another for the monitor, one for the keyboard and another for the CPU. Anyone who buys their computer on the internet should be able to figure out how to pay the extra tax.

 #8 … Sales tax on Internet Scams. For every $100 someone defrauds you of, they pay $5 in tax to South Carolina

 #7 … They could charge a tax – maybe just a penny or two – every time someone watches a You-Tube video. Imagine us collecting a penny for South Carolina every time someone watches those cute cats playing the piano

 #6 … We should charge an import tax here in South Carolina every time someone buys prescription drugs from Canada or Mexico

 #5  …States should be able to levy a tax on the sale of airline tickets. Anyone who can afford to fly should be able to cough up a few extra dollars. Imagine how much money we could raise for a ticket to San Francisco!

 #4 … Frozen Shrimp. It’s not a big market, as I understand it doesn’t hold up well during shipping, but we should still collect tax on it.

 #3 …There should be a sales tax when anyone orders Viagra over the internet. I understand the drug company that makes Viagra is setting up a web site just for online sales. I smell money!

 #2 … There should be an extra tax when anyone orders fake Viagra

 # 1 … Two Words, Randy: Porn Sites