But the Tires Were OK!

 Laurens Police were dispatched to an apartment at 900 Church Street at 2:20 this morning when a woman called to report a man was there cutting her tires. On arrival Master Patrolman Charles Simmons found the woman the male subject standing outside an apartment doorway. She stated that she and her boyfriend had been arguing all night. She said she was ready to go to bed and the boyfriend would not get off the couch and go to bed with her. The man reportedly said the same thing. The woman also reportedly kept saying the man had dope in his hat. When the officer asked the man about that, he reportedly said “here” and handed the officer his hat. Inside the hat a small clear plastic baggy of off-white powder was found. It was allegedly found to be methamphetamine.

23-year-old Stanley Leroy Reeder III of 1309 South Bell Street, Clinton was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine. Stanley Reeder III, also known as “Third” and “Thirsty,” was placed in the Johnson Detention Center.

Officer Simmons noted there was no damage to the woman’s car.