Perhaps Call Earlier next Time

 Laurens Police were dispatched to a motel room on Bolt Drive at 2:27 yesterday afternoon, where a woman reported that another woman had pulled a knife on her. She said the incident started when she yelled at the woman to stop blowing the horn of a truck outside her room. The other woman reportedly responded by telling her to “Shut up You B****,” then told her to come down and she’d cut her. The complainant said the other female subject then danced around the parking lot saying she does crack and meth. The woman told police she walked down and confronted the woman, then the subject pulled a knife on her. The victim said a man then got the woman with the knife, put her back in the pickup, and left with her. Officer Nolen was unable to identify the woman who allegedly pulled the knife, and noted that the alleged victim had come down the stairs to confront the woman rather than calling police to start with.