Ten Ways To Endure Mondays

by: Jan


# 10. Start out with a good breakfast, that is if you can talk someone into fixing it for you.


# 9. Make sure to let your pets out early so they don’t look at your carpet and think that is a good place to go because it won’t splash back on them.


# 8. Help with a chore, like looking around for your Mother’s teeth that she loses each night when she goes to bed.


# 7. Find something funny to look at, even if it is just seeing yourself in the mirror…naked !


# 6. Write a post on Face Book that simply says, ” Oh my goodness, I saw you peaking ! “, then go off line so you don’t have to answer questions about it.


# 5. Go up and down the hallway yelling who used up all the hot water !! Everyone will think you are crazy but they will be awake.


# 4. Walk briskly in the 7-11 store and say loudly, ” do yall know they use water to make this coffee ?”, then rapidly get in your car and drive away.


# 3. When another motorist cuts you off or turns in front of you, wave with your whole hand instead of one finger…..blows their mind every time.


# 2. Call your retired brother or sister real early and tell them it is Monday….tell them to rise and shine, let them know that you have to go to work so they might as well be awake too !


# 1. Telephone your boss and loudly but quickly tell him you are feeling great, and you