A/C Can’t Work if It’s Not There!

 Warmer weather arrived this week, prompting folks to turn their air conditioners on. When Michael Seymour turned on the air at Print-a-Matic Wednesday, it didn’t work. So he called for an air conditioner repairman to come fix it. The repair person informed him that the a/c didn’t work…. because there wasn’t one. Someone had apparently stolen two 5 ton  Whirlpool units from the back of the building that had been there for years. The theft reportedly occurred sometime since May 9th, the last time the air conditioning was used. Value of the stolen items was estimated at $10,000. 


  Laurens Police were dispatched to the Exchange Club building just before 8 last night on another air conditioning unit theft. An Exchange Club member said that two old a/c units had been taken. He noted they were not connected, but were being used for spare parts for the units that are functioning at the facility. Lt. Dwight Craft was told that someone had inquired about purchasing the old units on May 9th. Police took into evidence a jacket and a trailer lock found near where the units were taken from. Value of the two units was estimated at $500.