Local Highway Deaths Down

   Laurens County highway fatality statistics are much improved so far here in 2012.  As of midnight this past Sunday night, Laurens County highway fatalities were less than half of the number killed at this time last year, and actually lower than the death rate in any of the past four years. As of midnight Sunday night, Laurens County had 2 highway fatalities, down from 7 at this time in 2012.

   Greenwood County was even lower, with just one fatality, compared to three at this time last year. Newberry County also stood with one fatality, down from 5 in 2012. One fatality in Union County was the same as this time last year. Abbeville and Saluda counties have higher fatalities so far in 2013. Saluda is up from 1 to 2 and Abbeville has 3, compared to no fatalities at this time last year.

   All our more populous neighboring counties have better fatality statistics so far this year. Anderson is down from 18 to 8, Greenville from 21 to 19 and Spartanburg from 17 in 2012 to 11 in 2013.

  State-wide highway fatalities were also below last year’s levels, as of this past Sunday. The State Department of Public Safety states that as of May 12th, 225 people have died on our states highways in 2013, compared to 306 highway deaths in this same time period in 2012.

 The 225 people who were killed on South Carolina highways so far this year include four bicyclists, 26 motorcyclists, 28 pedestrians and 164 motor vehicle occupants. Of these, 99 were not wearing seat belts.