Top Ten Things Observed on An Average Lake Greenwood Weekend

 By Jan

# 10. Sit on the front porch early in the morning and listen to the neighbors cuss each other out. If they see you they act like they just love each other to death.


# 9. The mosquitoes are so big til they drag cats and dogs around the yard.


# 8. Go to the local store for coffee and hear the guys dogging Bruce cause he is a democrat. He just sips his coffee and smiles.


# 7. Gather around the fire and watch marshmellows melt and fall off the sticks before you can eat them. Oh you gotta hear what is said when that happens.


# 6. If someone is catching fish in a certain spot then 2 or 3 other people try to hit the same spot. I saw a man just calmly take his scissors and cut another man’s line for trying to get his place.


# 5. In the afternoon you can watch Mountain man walk up and down the road, the more he walks the drunker he gets as he is drinking young-ling lager. When he starts yelling Boo ya, you know he has had enough.


# 4. Listen to all the horror stories about the snakes people have killed already, then when the dog walks by your leg and tickles it with his tail, you jump up and scream bloody murder so everyone can laugh at you.


# 3. Play with your grand-dog, LuLu the boxer bull dog, then she goes down to the lake and loves to shake off the water right next to you, oh that is fun.


# 2. The cat, Mr. Paublo, brings his catch to show you, it is a rat and you just hate to hurt his feelings but you really don’t want to see it. That is out back in the afternoon, next morning while drinking coffee and sitting in a rocking chair, he brings you another one.


# 1. Start a bonfire and rev up the grill and you will see neighbors like surprise lilies, never know where and when they will pop up ! They just seem to come from everywhere and you end up with a grill full of burgers and people laughing and having fun til real late. When the party gets too loud my daughter-in-law says time for all to go home.