Financial Improvements for District 55

   Financial improvements could be seen in the classrooms of School District 55 this fall. At last night’s District 55 School Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Billy Strickland noted “We have a history of being conservative in our spending, and had to make hard and difficult choices in the past, but the new budget will reduce some class sizes and restore teachers that had to be laid off.”

     In his legislative update, Dr. Strickland said that the state budget is on senate floor will begin its second week of discussion, with no major changes. He said there is the possibility of having money in the budget to purchase new school buses, but he is not sure of the exact number.

     Strickland said that this is good news since many of District 55’s busses have very high mileage.

     In his monthly financial update last night, District 55 Chief Financial Officer Rodney Smith reported a general fund balance of $10,223,865. Last month’s expenses were $27,903,145 with revenues of $30,341,010; for a gain of $4,437,865.