“Eggings” & Other Malicious Damage

  Sheriff’s Deputy Walter Summers Jr. was dispatched to Allen Bridge Road in Upper Laurens County at 9:02 yesterday morning on a report from a resident that someone had tried to steal the catalytic converter from the exhaust on his vehicle. The victim said he learned about the theft after investigating a ‘check engine’ warning light.

  Deputy Summers was dispatched to Claridge Court, Fountain Inn just before 10 yesterday morning, where a man reported overnight damage to his mailbox. The mail box was on the ground, but the pole was still standing. It appeared a bracket that held the mailbox to the pole had been damaged, causing the fall.

 Laurens County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Carter was dispatched to Satterwhite Road, Laurens at 5:30 yesterday afternoon to investigate vandalism to a vehicle. A man reported that between 11:45 Monday night and 4:30 yesterday morning someone slashed the right front tire to his vehicle.

  A resident of Double-O Finley Road east of Laurens reported vandalism to the Sheriff’s office early last evening. He said he went to check on his building yesterday afternoon and found someone had broken out a window. He said he had noticed a few days ago that someone had “egged” his residence.

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to Spring Street at 7:28 yesterday morning to investigate an “egging.” A man said that he had told a little boy to stay off his grass. He then left home to take his child to school. He stopped by a grocery store briefly on the way home. Shortly after returning home, he discovered his back screened door had been “egged.” The man was going to check with the apartment manager to see if security cameras recorded a video of the egging. Meanwhile, he suspects the little boy whom he told to stay off his grass.