Hospital Board Extends Understanding with Greenville Health Care System

The Laurens County Health Care System’s Board of Directors this week voted to extend their Memorandum of Understanding with the Greenville Hospital System. The understanding states an intention to lease the Laurens County Hospital to the Greenville Health Care System, with the local board still remaining in tact to monitor that lease arrangement. The original Memorandum of Understanding was for a six month lease. Monday night’s vote of the Laurens County Hospital Board was to extend that understanding for another six months, to give more time for the needed details to be worked out.

  In other action, the Laurens County Health Care System Board approved the purchase of a small wooded tract of land at the corner of US Highway 76 and Templeton Road. The land adjoins the hospital’s property, so it increases the road frontage the hospital owns on out to the intersection with Templeton Road.