Green Grid Saves Green

 A lower electric rate was established yesterday by the Laurens Commission of Public Works. The new rate reduces the charge for residential customers who sign up for the Green Grid Reward program. This program features a switch which is installed at the customer’s house that will alternate air conditioning off and one during the peak use hours, keeping the house cool while saving on electrical use during the time when demand is highest, afternoons during the summer months. Only air conditioning and pool pumps are affected. General Manager Satterfield noted that overall rates are impacted by how high this peak demand becomes. The Green Grid Reward program is to initially to have 100 customers in the Laurens electrical system in a test phase. They wanted to start this summer, but Satterfield noted yesterday that the big demand for these new meters is resulting in a delay in their supply, and he expects Laurens to receive it’s shipment in September.

   Meanwhile, with the new rate approved yesterday, customers who sign up will save 3.1% off their electrical usage. Satterfield said the average residential customer should save around $40 a year.

   The new Green Grid Rewards rate replaces the previous ‘all electric’ rate for the Laurens CPW. A resident must have central air to qualify.