Let Me Sleep! *&$#!

 Deputy Steve Paterson was dispatched to Sherman Drive outside Laurens at 1:10 this morning when a woman called to say she was trying to leave that location to go home, but that a Clinton man was laying on the hood of her car and would not get off the car. Deputy Paterson noted the man was still lying on the car when he arrived. When questioned, the man reportedly said he was just sleeping. When the deputy asked him to get off the car, he reportedly became upset and began using profane language. At that point, the deputy placed the man in handcuffs. A relative at the house indicated she preferred he not sleep there due to his intoxicated state and to past troubles. So the31-year-old Clinton man was arrested on a Public Disorderly charge and placed in the Johnson Detention Center this morning. Perhaps he completed his nap there.