Not My Shoes, Too!!!

    Laurens City Police were dispatched to an apartment on Garlington Street at 8 yesterday morning to investigate a burglary. A woman reported that someone entered her home while she was at work from 7pm the previous evening until 7 am yesterday morning. They took a 42-inch TV, a Directv box, laundry baskets and various clothing items. Most notably missing were a pair of women’s Adidas shoes that she said had $2,500 cash hidden inside. The victim said that her laundry baskets were dumped the mattress on her bed was shifted, and clothing from the closet was dumped on the bedroom floor. Total value of the theft was estimated at $3,350. There was no forced entry into the apartment. Apparently a back door had been left unlocked, perhaps by a friend of hers who had been in the apartment.