Top Ten Places You Don’t Want to Have Hair

#10… I’ve decided hair is not necessary on top of my head. Think of how much time is wasted primping with hair each morning.

#9 … I don’t want to have hair in my biscuit. Would this be something Tina McGee could solve?

#8 … As we get older, we seem to grow excessive hair in our ears; even if we can’t grow it on top of our head 

#7 … Ladies, if you’re going to wear a tank top, please be sure you’re not displaying under-arm hair. In spite of what you may have seen in Europe, it has NOT caught on here. 

#6 … In the drain of your sink or shower… can get so thick you need to call Rota-Rooter. Even Tina can’t handle that stuff.

#5  … I just hate it when I find a hair in my Taco!  Taco hair is Terrible! 

 #4 …Hairy legs can be so unsightly.  Especially with enhanced by a set of white athletic socks. Bad enough on a man, but women really should let Tina take a go at those unsightly foreign-like protrusions from an otherwise lovely pair of legs.

 #3 …Extra globs of shoulder hair on a man doesn’t look manly, it’s gruesome!

And don’t fool yourself, guys, that t-shirt does not conceal it.

 #2 … Nobody can handle Hamburger Hair. Who among us has the stomach to handle this horrible sight….especially if you didn’t find it until after you took a big bite. I always like to check under the cheese first.

 # 1 … Excessive Nostril Hair is quite disgusting, especially during the cold and flu season