Gotta Get to the Fire Ants!


   The Laurens CPW Electric Department continues installing the electric system in the Senior Village, under construction on Fairgrounds Road.  General Manager Dale Satterfield told the Commission this week the project is nearing completion, even with all the rain we’ve been having.

He also reported that the annual maintenance has been completed on the Caroline Street electrical Substation. He said crews found a problem with a spring in the regulators at the Caroline Substation. After two of those failed, they determined it necessary to replace all the regulators in order to prevent any other failures from happening.  A failure in the voltage regulators was discovered and is being repaired. 

  Satterfield said electrical crews have completed all inspections on the Pad Mount transformers. At some residences in town customers have planted shrubbery in front of the transformers, which is OK, except that some of the shrubbery has grown so that crews can’t open the transformer for perform needed maintenance and performing fire ant control. Satterfield said they want to remind our customers that while you can put landscaping around the transformers, you need to leave access for our crews to get to them for maintenance.