Free Swimming Lessons for Parent & Child at Laurens YMCA

Learn-to-Swim – Free Swim Lessons!

 Sponsored by

 The Kennedy Mortuary, Inc.

———-Since 1885———-

 These lessons are for parents and children that are both looking to learn to swim together!  We will have an adult class and a child class going on at the same time, so that both the parent and the child can learn how to swim!  Must register one adult per child.  Come out for four free swim lessons that are 30 minutes each.

Limited space available.  Sign up early to reserve your spot.  Maximum capacity is 6 children and 6 adults per age group.

Dates: June 24th, 25th, 26st, and 27th

Sign up in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Pick the time based on the child’s age

12:00pm- Children ages 3-7          12:30pm- Children ages 8-15       1:00pm- Children ages 15-18     


Registration Form-Step 2

Please contact Whitney Shaw at (864) 984-2626 with questions.

Parent’s Name_________________Child’s Name __________________ Age___


Email Address _______________________


Home Number________________________Cell Number __________________


Address_____________________________ City______________Zip ________

Medical Conditions/ Health Problems (All information is kept confidential)




Participant’s or Parent’s Signature _______________________ Date _________

Waiver: I, parent/ guardian of the named child, hereby give my permission for his/her participation in this program.  This application is made with the expressed understanding that I hold the YMCA harmless and it is not responsible for any sickness or injury that the applicant may receive while in attendance of this program, during transport to and from program and the YMCA reserves the right to reject any and all applications.  Applicant agrees to hold the YMCA, its employees and sponsors harmless against any and all damages due to sickness or injury occurring while in attendance at this program, or during transport to/from said program.  I give permission for photographs to be taken of my child or me during normal program activities to be used in YMCA promotional materials without thought of remuneration.  I further understand that all fees must accompany the application, no insurance provided by the YMCA.