Theft leads to arrest on warrants


Christopher Patrick Miller, age 34 of 1356 Hellams Rd. Gray Court was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Friday on warrants stating that on December 16th he entered a dwelling without consent and with intent to comit a crime therein and another warrant stating that he did take and carry away a propane tank, green boots and a racing seat belt with property valued at $200 Mr. Miller was arrested by Fountain Inn PD and a deceased Ft. Inn man’s driver’s license was in his possesion.  An Abercrombie Rd Fountain inn resident was alerted that Miller was in possession of her late husband’s drivers license. The complaintant then called the Sheriff’s office and Deputy  Summers responded at 5pm on Friday. She explained that she had people in and out of her residence because she was having remodeling done. After her call from Ft. Inn PD, she went to check her late husbands wallet and found it in another drawer and the drivers license and a ten dollar bill were missing. Christopher Miller was escorted to the Johnson Detention Center for the previous warrants from the alleged Gray Court break in and held on a $15k and $650 bond and the stolen driver’s license and money incident will be turned over to investingations for follow up and any possible pending charges.