Proposed Ordinance Does Not Pass at Council Meeting

A bit of a surprise at last night’s meeting of Laurens City Council. Ordinance 5-13-02 came before council for its second and final reading.  The ordinance which would add a fee to automobile property taxes for the purpose of repairing and maintaining city streets not in the South Carolina Department of Transportation System had passed on first reading.  After a motion and second to bring the ordinance to a vote there was no discussion from anyone on council.  However, when Mayor Sharon Brownlee called for the vote….the ordinance did not pass.  Council members Marian Miller, Sarah Latimore, Martin Lowry and Sylvia Douglas voted against approving the ordinance.  Mayor Brownlee seemed surprised. After the meeting she told WLBG she didn’t know where that came from.  She said that council had toured the roads that she said were in need of repair and she thought everyone was of the same opinion – that steps had to be taken to improve the 81 streets and roads in the city’s system. With the rejection of the ordinance, the budget for fiscal year 2014 was passed without the revenue from the increased fee and without the expenditure to repair the roads.