Armed Robbery in the City of Laurens

Just after midnight wednesday morning Laurens Police responded to an armed robbery at Family Video in Laurens. Officers were advised that an armed robbery had taken place in the parking lot and that the suspect ran behind the building wearing a black mask, black shirt and pants. Officer Craven immediately began canvassing the area behind Family Video and Officer Ashley went to the location to meet with the victim. The victim stated that his vehicle was parked on the left side of the store. He stated he went to the dumpster and when he turned to face his car, the masked individual approached him from the bushes. The suspect then pointed a black in color hand gun in front of the victim and demanded he give him the night deposit, which the victim did. The suspect then turned and ran toward the back of the property. The victim stated he then got in his car and left the scene  but did return after officers arrived. Officers were advised that the deposit was in a white in color letter sized envelope worth $202.36. SLED arrived on scene and attempted to use a dog to track the scent of the suspect. The dog did follow a scent across Garlinton Street down the fence line beside Summercrest Apartments to the parking lot of Brownlee Park where the scent was lost. The investigation will be turned over to the detectives of the Laurens Police Department.