Top Ten Things to Memorialize


#10…Elmo’s Memorial Crab Shack

So many of the elderly ladies have gone on to that great stage & pole in the sky


#9 … The Laurens Plaza Memorial Shopping Center

We had some Big Sales there, prior to the floods of the 70’s!


#8 … The WLBG Memorial Mini-Van

Many a live remote broadcast came from there before it’s unfortunate misplacement.


#7 … The Watts Memorial Mill

It still saddens me to drive by and see the ruins of that old mill


#6 …The Holmes Memorial Tunnel, from the Octagon House to the Historic Laurens County Court House. Let’s memorialize this with a plexi-glass roof where it passes under the River so we can look up at the little fish at play & the happy Sunday boat riders.


#5  …The Curry’s Lake Memorial Bowling Alley

Many a youth picked up extra change in the summer setting up duck pens there


#4 … The Ekom Beach Memorial Skating Rink

What a great memory – a sunny beach and a skating rink, side by side.


#3 …The Regal-Dale Memorial Dairy outside Ware Shoals

The original place for Happy Cows!


#2 … The Whitmire Memorial Mill Village

From the days when Whitmire was known as “The Pearl of the Piedmont.”


# 1 …The Torrington Memorial Highway

We need to memorialize the days when ball bearings were king in Laurens County