Both Claim Assault

 Laurens County Deputy Steve Paterson was dispatched to a residence on the north side of Wattsville at 11:44 last night after a woman called to say she was being assaulted. She said she and her boyfriend had just returned home, and that they had both been drinking. She said she had remained in the car, talking on her phone, and the boyfriend had wanted her to come inside their home. She claimed the man drug her into the house and hit her about her face and body. The deputy noted bruises on her face and a small laceration to her cheek. The woman said that during the altercation she pulled out some of her boyfriend’s hair and bit his finger. Deputy Paterson contacted the boyfriend, who had gone to his mother’s home. He said the girlfriend had been sleeping, and woke up and began to assault him. Pictures were taken of his injuries. Neither the man nor woman wanted to prosecute the other.