Top Ten Ways a “Same-Sex” Couple is Different


A Positive Spin to Recent Supreme Court Rulings

 #10… Both partners being of the same-sex reduces, somewhat, the chance of an accidental pregnancy.

 #9 … More same-sex marriages reduces the number of CDV cases. People who beat up their husband or wife are charged with Criminal Domestic Violence; but if the couple are of the same-sex South Carolina law says the charge is NOT a Domestic Assault…even if it happened in their domicile! It’s a Simple Assault! Simple is always better.

 #8 …It can be difficult for a lot of us straight people to understand who is the husband and who is the wife. Who among us does not love a good mystery?

 #7 …If it’s a male couple, they’re going to be dressed a lot neater than your typical folks. Contrast that to a visit to the people of Wal-Mart dot com, Randy!   

 #6 … If it’s a female couple, with the use of proper hormone treatments, new baby’s can benefit from tag-team nursing.

 #5  …Who among us has not had to retire to a different room to avoid arguments with our spouse about what TV show to watch? When you’ve got two guys, or two women, imagine all the agreeable TV time!

 #4 …In a same-sex marriage, sharing clothing is not viewed as odd as it would be in a heterosexual union. (People still get arrested for that, Randy)   

 #3 …Adoption is a much bigger topic in same-sex marriages. So it’s subject to more serious consideration, which is a good thing. You know, child adoption is more complex that picking up a Doggie at animal control.

 #2 … Except in San Francisco and Key West, Public Displays of Affection from same-sex couples is not as prevalent as that of heterosexual couples.  

 # 1 …Think of the extra excitement in a same-sex couple with two women. Any of us who’ve had experience with those PMS situations involving only one woman can only imagine the excitement when you ‘double the possibilities.’