Top Ten Little Known Talents Of Jabori Cooke

By Jan



# 10. He is a world class yoddler, but that is just not what Laurens Idol was looking for.


# 9. It takes talent to break 4 moving violations in less than 300 yards, Jabori can do it !


# 8. Jabori’s facebook page is full of maps where he has been, this proves his talent to know just where he is but not how he got there, unless he is at the Laurens Airport.


# 7. If you want a surprise meal, order something, send Jabori after it and you can bet it won’t be what you ordered. Example: order chicken fried rice and he will bring you shrimp chow mein.


# 6. Jabori is so ticklish until you can just point your finger at him and he breaks moves you’ve never seen before because he thinks you are going to tickle him.


# 5. Jabori has this knack for having a wreck and not getting charged for it.


# 4. You got a favorite place to park your car ? Jabori will make sure to get to work earlier than you so he can get your place. He has this beautiful smile with his whitened teeth he will flash when you ask him why he did it.


# 3. Jabori loves to get onto Randy’s snack cakes, his talent, he can eat a 24 pack in one morning.


# 2. No one, and I mean no one, can deliver the Mattress Warehouse commercial like Jabori. He even claims you can get rid of warts and such by sleeping on a great mattress.


# 1. Tour Guide: If you want to see Joanna, S.C., let Jabori take you. You will get to see scenic Charlotte,N.C. and maybe downtown Atlanta Ga., Go through Greenwood,S.C., and you might finally end up in Joanna, that is if he has his gps with him.