Safety Checkpoint Detects Crack Cocaine


  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was conducting a traffic safety checkpoint  yesterday at the intersection of Holly Grove Church Road with A.B. Jacks and East Jerry Roads. At 3pm, a man drove up to the checkpoint and reportedly presented a beginners’ permit. Officers noted he had no licensed driver with him. Deputies further indicate they located an open bottle of beer in the vehicle. During a pat-town, Deputy Veal reportedly located a round of ammunition and placed the man in investigative detention. Captain Ted Richardson continued the pat-down and allegedly found a small plastic medicine bottle with an off-white substance determined to be crack cocaine.

  25-year-old Antonio Marcus Cheeks with addresses noted onBond Street,ClintonandRodney Street,Moorewas issued a ticket charging him with an Open Container of Beer violation, and was served with a warrant charging him with Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute.

Mr. Cheeks was also served with a Bench Warrant from Magistrate’s Court citing an April 3, 2012 conviction in Laurens County for Driving without a License. In that case 14 months ago he received he received a sentence of $237 fine or jail time of 30 days.

Antonio Marcus Cheeks remained in theJohnsonDetentionCenterthis morning, pending arraignment on the new charges.