Top Ten People Who Should Not Play With Fireworks

By Jan


# 10. Emil Finley, he is always so busy and in a hurry til he would light the wrong end.


# 9. Mike Hughes, he has to always explain everything so he would light it and then tell you how it really works…..boom !


# 8. Rev. Sims, he would rather you not play with fireworks as he preaches a lot of funerals and might be preaching yours.


# 7. Wyatt Maddison, never have explosives around when he goes into full attack mode, you would not like it.


# 6. Elmo Garbagoogle, don’t ever go around him if he is using fireworks, remember, he is 100 years old so he don’t have much to lose.


# 5. Bryan Bently, all you have to do is look in his eyes to see the mischief, he should never be allowed around anything with gun powder in it.


# 4. Randy Stevens, now he might just do more than hang up on people, like handing you a lit cherry bomb and riding off on his motorcycle, then tell all about it the next day on “Good Morning UpCountry.”


# 3. Elmo’s “ladies”, please tell them that they cannot unstop a sink by throwing a firecracker down the drain.


# 2. Jabori Cooke, he must learn that he can’t show off his chest by shooting off a roman candle on it.


# 1. Nancy Pelosi, she would hand it to you lit and tell you that it has to blow up so you can find out what’s in it.