Top Ten Things To Do When It Is Raining

By Jan


# 10. Sit in the front yard with a huge umbrella and when people pass by yell,” I sure wish it would rain !”


# 9. Tell your neighbors that you are so sorry, you tried a new dance last week that your Cherokee friend taught you and you had no idea it was a rain dance but from the looks of it, you learned it pretty well !


# 8. Watch your dogs wade across the yard looking for a place to use the bathroom and decide whether to hike their leg or swim.


# 7. You could invite Chuck Norris over for lunch, it wouldn’t dare rain while he is there.


# 6. Look at the rain, look at the sun,look at the rain, look at the sun, watch the dandelions grow !


# 5. Watch the squirrels dive under water to find the nuts they buried, just to see they have floated down stream.


# 4. Park on the square in Laurens to count the umbrellas, see the different colors and sizes. See people get drenched cause they don’t have an umbrella.


# 3. Get all your family and neighbors to meet you in the yard and all sing rain,rain go won’t work but at least you had a get together , learned some of your neighbors and let them meet the rest of your nutty family !


# 2. Look to see how many people forgot and left their umbrellas in the car and have to make a mad dash to unlock the car, get in, and by then they are soaking wet.


# 1. Get some food coloring of different kinds and pour it on the road then say”Oh look, a rainbow on the pavement”, see how many folks will look.