Top 10 Things To Do Before You Die

By Jan


# 10. Make vanilla pudding, put it in a mayo jar and eat it in public.

# 9. Put a desk in random places (like a public bathroom or an elevator) and ask people when they walk in “Do you have an appointment?”.

# 8. When you get on an elevator, call a phycic hotline and see if they know what floor you are on.


# 7. Send a message to a random person and say “i hid the body, now what?”

# 6. Pull your pants up as high as possible, tuck in your shirt and do the “Confidence Walk”.

# 5.When leaving The Zoo, start running towards the parking lot yelling “run for your lives, they’re loose!!”

# 4.Super glue coins on a bathroom floor, or public sidewalk and watch people try to pick them up.

# 3. If your in dollar tree, or whatever dollar store go up to an employee and say “gosh! Your prices are so high! Drop them down at least a buck!”

# 2. Go up to a random person and say “you have pretty eyes, may I have your eyes?!” and hear to see what they say.

# 1.In a mall store, stand next to the maniquins in the window and hold a pose without blinking too often. If possible, put on something from the store. See if anyone stops to look at you.