How to Approach Traffic Safety Checkpoint

 The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office issued a reminder yesterday for Laurens County residents to practice safe and responsible driving habits this summer. It noted the Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a number of Traffic Safety Checkpoints around the county as well as increased traffic patrols in certain areas as needed. Drivers are encouraged to be vigilant when driving, obey all posted speed limits, wear seatbelts, and carry all necessary license and insurance information while they are operating a vehicle. The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to making the roads of Laurens County safe for its residents; however, this is a shared responsibility that starts with each individual driver. To date, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office has made a number of arrests directly stemming from Traffic Safety Checkpoints ranging from serious drivers license violations to drug and alcohol offenses. The public is asked to help the Sheriff’s Office in its effort to make Laurens County safer for everyone!

  The statement gave some pointers on what one should do in the event you find yourself in a Traffic Safety Checkpoint:


- Approach the checkpoint at a safe and slow speed. There will be stopped vehicles and officers in the roadway conducting the checkpoint. Safety is a priority for everyone.

- Having your driver’s license readily available for the Officer as he approaches your vehicle will decrease the time it takes to get through the Traffic Safety Checkpoint.

- If you believe you are approaching a Traffic Safety Checkpoint do not attempt to avoid it by either turning around in a driveway or taking an alternate route. With each driver’s cooperation, these checks will only add a few seconds to your drive.