Jeff Duncan Ranks High for Social Media Use

 South Carolina’s 3rd District Congressman Jeff Duncan is continuing to receive high praise for using electronic communications for constituent outreach. For the past three years, Duncan has been ranked in the top ten among all House Republicans for using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to engage with the public. In 2012, Duncan was ranked in the top four and this year he was ranked in the top three. Commenting on the rankings, the Laurens County Republican said “One of my most important responsibilities is to listen, and the Internet is a valuable tool to hear directly from folks in the community. I firmly believe that if Washington spent more time listening, our country wouldn’t face as many problems as we do today.”

  Currently, Duncan is connected to over 18,000 people between his two Facebook accounts, and has over 10,000 connections on twitter, but for him it’s about quality over quantity. “It’s important for me to listen to people’s top concerns for our country. That’s what I try to do out in the community directly when I hold town halls or visit small businesses, and what we do online is just an extension of that outreach.”

   It seems Duncan is fairly “tech-savvy.” The second term Congressman from Laurens, first elected in 2010, has been on Facebook since 2008, and was the first member of the South Carolina State House to use a blog to inform voters about the happenings at the State House. The Congressman’s newest addition to his digital repertoire is Instagram. “I’m still trying to completely figure that one out, but if it helps me do my job better, I’m willing to try about anything.”