Man-Made Bomb in Alleged Arson Attempt

   Charges of making and attempting to use a bomb were served yesterday on a Laurens County man, charging him with attempting to burn another residence on the same street where he lives this past Wednesday. Deputies were dispatched to the location Wednesday, and arrested 21-year-old Dante Zachius Wheeler of 1841 Park Road, Fountain Inn. He was initially held for charges. Yesterday, he was served with three warrants in which Sheriff’s Lt. Jawarski Shelton accuses him of Arson, Manufacture of Firebombs and Possession of a Bomb. In the warrants, Lt. Shelton alleges that on July 10th in Laurens County Dante Zachius Wheeler did willfully and maliciously attempt to set fire to a building or property at 1559 Park Road, Fountain Inn.

He is further accused of unlawfully manufacturing articles designed to cause a fire with the intent to damage a residence at 1559 Park Road. Lt. Shelton further alleges that on July 10th Mr. Wheeler did posses a Molotov cocktail with the intent to cause damage to a residence at 1559 Park Road. Cash or Surety bonds were set yesterday totaling $40,000 on the three charges. Dante Zachius Wheeler remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

   For a bit of background, a Sheriff’s Officer’s report indicates that a Deputy was dispatched at 11:03 Wednesday morning by Dante Wheeler, who complained about being assaulted by a man. Contact with that person resulted in a different story, about Mr. Wheeler being asked to leave and escorted from the house, which was where the alleged use of the Molotov cocktail apparently later took place.