Stolen Meter Used to Steal Electricity

 Clinton Public Safety yesterday arrested a local man on charges of using a stolen electrical meter to illegally tap into the City of Clinton’s electric system. 29-year-old Jimathel Jerome Starks, also known as “Pea,” was booked in Clinton with an address on Prather Circle, then transferred to the Johnson Detention Center with a new address noted as “Homeless.” Starks is charged with Possession of Stolen Goods, Tampering with a Utility Meter and with Theft of Electricity. Warrants allege that between June 1st and July 5th.  Mr. Starks allegedly reconnected a stolen electric meter into the meter base at 900 Prather Circle at lot 4 without proper authority. He then allegedly used Clinton City electrical service which had been disconnected, while in possession of an electrical meter that had been stolen from the City of Clinton.

Cash or Surety bonds on the three charges totaled $3,000. Jimathen Jerome Starks of Clinton was placed in the Johnson Detention Center yesterday, where he remained earlier this morning.