Pills Inside Bicycle Tubing

 Laurens County Corporal Nicholas Moye was patrolling the Milton Road area of Joanna at 1:25 Saturday morning when he observed a man riding a bicycle. Having received allegations that the man kept illegal substances in the frame of his bicycle, the Officer asked for consent to search. He reportedly found one pill bottle in a bag that was attached to the handle-bar, then allegedly found another container with pills inside. Pills reportedly were determined not to be narcotics. Further search reportedly led to a yellow plastic bag stuffed into a tube from the frame on the front of the bicycle at which point he placed the man into investigative detention. Lt. Marlon Higgenbotham and Deputy McMahan arrived to assist as substances were retrieved from inside the tubing on the frame of the bicycle. Only the pills found in a blue bottle were determined to be a controlled substance. 37-year-old John Carl Preston “John Boy” of 138 Tillman Circle, Joanna was placed in the Johnson Detention Center for charges of Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance. He remained in custody this morning.