Top Ten Beliefs About Dog Days Of Summer

By Jan


# 10. My Granny said if it rains the first day of dog days, it will rain sometime everyday for the forty days it lasts. Guess what it did July 3rd !


# 9. Some old wives tales say that wounds or sores won’t heal as fast during dog days. I have to wonder if that is true about people that are a pain in your butt.


# 8. Another tale claims that dogs go mad that time of year. My dog gets mad anytime of year if you don’t give him what he wants.


# 7. One lady says that snakes go blind and will strike out wildly. I ain’t gonna get close enough to see if the snake is blind !


# 6. Some folks say that fish won’t bite during this time. Personally I believe that fish are just like men, you put the right bait out there and they will bite !!


# 5. Snakes won’t bite under water. Who wants to prove that one ?


# 4. A man says a lot of things in summer dog days that he doesn’t mean…..duh…they do that all year long !!


# 3. Chickens don’t lay as many eggs during these dog days. Well if you put the rooster back in the coop they might prove you wrong !


# 2. Squirrels won’t mate during the hot days. Oh well, the squirrels in my yard must love to play leap frog then.


# 1. You actually look like your dog during dog days. My Chihuahua doesn’t think that at all and I pity the owners of a Shar-Pei, all those wrinkles !!