New 5-Point Strategic Action Plan for Economic Development

A new Strategic Action Plan for the Economic Development of Laurens County was approved yesterday by the board of the Laurens County Development Corporation. The plans were developed this year during a planning workshop with the LCDC board, staff, partners and other local leadership. The Action Plan outlines five initiatives.

 Items one and two are under the category of having a ready product for new industry. #1 was having “spec” buildings in the northern, central and southern areas of the county ready for new industry, and replacing them rapidly as these are sold.

 Item #2 is investing in the county’s existing Industrial Parks by upgrading a park by one class rating on an ongoing basis, as needed.

Action Item #3 deals with Workforce Development. This plan is to champion Laurens County’s new and robust 5-part education and workforce development efforts.

  Included in this is LCDC playing a key role in assisting in raising the remaining $50,000 of first year funds required for the Future Scholarship-Educating Laurens County plan, to provide scholarship enabling future Laurens County High School graduates to attend any Upstate technical college for free for two years.

  The Workforce Development plan also includes continued collaboration with other such organizations and industry to reduce the barriers that hinder Laurens County citizens from taking initial, immediate steps to prepare for the county’s current and new industry workforce requirements. 

   Action Item #4 is to develop and facilitate opportunities for Existing Industry Leadership to share their perspectives with subject matter experts and county leadership through focused interactive forums.

   Action Item #5 is to review, recommend and obtain approval for increased LCDC funding to support Laurens County’s continued economic development success in growing and retaining quality jobs.