Assault After “Gang” Talk

   Laurens Police Lt. Brandy Anderson responded to an apartment at 800 Spring Street at 3:32 yesterday afternoon on a report of a fight in progress. She arrived to find a 25-year-old man bleeding from his nose and mouth and with injuries around his left eye.

  The man said he had gone to another apartment to speak with a woman. When he arrived, five males were there with her. He said the conversation began to turn to gang-related matters so he attempted to leave. One of the subjects reportedly blocked his departure. After one of the males struck him, three others joined in. He indicated one hit him with a lamp. The woman he had gone to speak with reportedly left the room when the assault began and did not call for help.

   The officer spoke with the woman, who said she wasn’t in the room when the assault took place. Lt. Anderson reported observing blood on the carpet of the apartment near a black lamp which was broken, and she also noticed that food and other items were thrown about the room.

  The five males in the room are thought to be mostly in the late teens to early 20’s, although one was noted as a 15-year-old juvenile. EMS responded and transported the victim to Laurens County Memorial for treatment of his injuries.