Laurens Mayor Appoints a City Administrator

     For the first time in over eight years, the City of Laurens is going to have a City Administrator. Mayor Sharon Brownlee yesterday announced that City Clerk Gary Coleman has been appointed to the City Administrator position, effective this coming Monday, July 22nd.

  Coleman has been serving as the City Clerk for the last two and a half years.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management from Clemson University and the Mayor said he has been a critical asset to the management of the Administration Department.

  Mayor Sharon Brownlee said she feels that this change will poise and strengthen the city for the future.  The Mayor states that Mr. Coleman has been tremendously helpful to her with administrative duties and she appreciates his leadership and excellent background in industry, business, banking, and most recently, public administration.  He will continue to manage the financial responsibilities for the city and work closely with all the Department Directors in his new duties.

  Brownlee said city Department Directors are all very skilled and highly trained and Mr. Coleman will continue to be an asset to them as we all work together to make Laurens a great place to live, work, and enjoy, as we grow the quality of life in our community.

   Yesterday’s announcement also included the appointment of Ms. Gwen L. Kinard to the position of City Clerk for the City of Laurens effective July 22nd. Kinard has an Associates Degree in Business Management from Piedmont Technical College and has been employed with the City as the Accounting Technician in the Administration Department.  Mayor Brownlee said Ms. Kinard’s twenty-one year career with the City will provide Laurens the strength and continuity to move progressively forward as we continue to build a thriving community.  Mayor Sharon Brownlee states that Ms. Kinard has been an important asset to the Mayor and City Council and she will continue to add the duties of the City Clerk to her current position.