Trail Of Grease Shows Route of Thieves

   With new environmentally friendly trends for recycling of used materials, cooking grease from restaurants has become an asset for new uses, such as bio-diesel fuel. So perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that people are now stealing cooking grease.

   Laurens City Police were dispatched to Whiteford’s Giant Burger on Hillcrest Drive just after 9 yesterday morning to investigate the theft of cooking grease. Officers viewed video recorded overnight showing a pumper truck arriving at the restaurant at 2:57 yesterday morning. Two men from the truck pumped used cooking grease from an underground storage container into the truck. It appears that the men were not exercising great skill in the process, as they spilled a lot of grease during and after the theft.

  A clean-up company came in to remove a trail of grease that spilled in the parking lot. In fact, a trail of grease was followed on Hillcrest Drive and up North Harper Street. The Highway Department was notified, and indicated they would be putting down sand on grease spilled on the public roadways.

   DHEC was also notified of the spill. Police were attempting to get records of all the expenses involved in the clean-up, as they used video evidence seeking to determine who the two men were who were stealing the grease.

   Owner Ernest Whiteford noted that there have been shortages in the amount of cooking grease for the past few months, indicating this is not the first time cooking grease has been stolen.