2 Dogs Seized After Mauling of 3rd Dog

 Laurens City Police were dispatched to Sullivan Street at 8:36 Friday morning on a report of loose dogs killing a woman’s dog. She informed an officer she looked out her window and noticed two black and white Pitt Bull-type dogs pulling her dog and throwing it around. She said that her dog was chained at the time of the incident. She informed officers the residence that the attacking dogs belonged to. Sgt. Bolding noted the woman’s dog was lying on the ground, unresponsive and barely breathing. Police then went to a neighbor’s home and talked with the owner of the two dogs. They issued tickets charging her with allowing dogs to roam from home and with having unregistered dogs in the city. The two dogs were captured and taken to the pound. Their owner was given instructions of what was necessary for reclaiming the animals.