Assault of Girlfriend & 2nd Person

 Clinton Public Safety arrested a man Sunday morning on charges of assaulting his girlfriend and a man who came to her rescue. 27-year-old Cody Alan Knight of 107 Oakland Street, #8, Clinton was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence 2nd Offense and Simple Assault. Public Safety Officer Lawton states that Mr. Knight assaulted the victim by hitting her in the head and body several times with a closed fist on July 20th, in an incident at 209 Spruce Street in Clinton. The warrant states that the subject and victim live together and have a romantic relationship. The warrant further states that the subject has been convicted on one prior Criminal Domestic Violence offense within the last ten years.

Knight is also charged with striking a man in his head and body Saturday while the man was attempting to stop Knight from assaulting his girlfriend.

Cody Alan Knight was released from Clinton City jail Sunday morning on personal recognizance bonds of $10,000 on the 2nd Offense Domestic Violence charge and $470 on the Simple Assault.