Receiving Stolen Water Heaters

 Laurens County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Carter was dispatched to Conway Avenue at 11:17 Friday morning to investigate the theft of several water heaters. A man in the home rental business reported he had four or five old water heaters taken from outside 325 Conway Avenue, which is the site of an old abandoned trailer. The heaters were said to be worth about $15 each. There was reportedly a fence cut separating his property from an adjoining lot. The officer spoke with a person who reported observing a woman carrying something from the Conway Avenue address toward Eastside Baptist. Someone who went back to the church to use its wifi again reported observing people putting items into a vehicle. After further investigation, three people were arrested Friday on charges of Receiving Stolen Goods. They were 28-year-old Bernard Anderson of 412 Conway Avenue, Laurens, 24-year-old Shannice Shanal Johnson of 426 Robinson Road, Laurens and 48-year-old Debra Jean Cook of 207 Creamer Street Extension. Warrants alleged that each of these subjects received six water heaters belonging valued at approximately $150, knowing at the time or having reason to believe that the property was stolen. Bernard Anderson, Shannice Johnson and Debra Cook were released from the Johnson Detention Center on $1,092 bonds.