Top Ten Full Moon Possibilities

By: Jan

# 10. More crime seems to happen, but in Chicago how can they tell ?

# 9. Breeding rabbits. On one full moon it is said they will have more does and on another full moon they will have more bucks. I’ll wait for the bucks, you can’t spend does.

# 8. Dogs go crazy on a full moon night. Well they just haven’t been around my house to see my dog when we are eating chicken, he don’t care if it is a full moon or not.

# 7. More babies are born. You know, I really think that depends on when they were conceived. Can’t you just see babies waiting on a full moon to pop out ? Hey Judy, get ready, it’s a full moon, let’s get out of here !

# 6. Lunatics are more prevalent. Not so, just come around my house or workplace anytime, not just full moons.

# 5. People act crazier. Apparently they haven’t seen someone get cut off in traffic, talk about crazy. You will see people wear their middle finger out waving at the one who cut them off, and screaming bad names at them, makes no difference if it is a full moon or not.

# 4. Emergency rooms and doctor’s offices have more patients. Give me a break, you gonna wait 2 hours before you see anyone at either place any day.

# 3. You don’t sleep as well. Yeah, well, it really might have been that pizza you decided to eat at midnight last night. Or maybe that last slice of chocolate cake you just had to have before going to bed.

# 2. More accidents happen. Now this could very well be true. It might just have something┬áto do with the reason more babies are born then. Full moon, Lovers moon, 9 months…..hello !!

# 1. It rains more often under a full moon. Ok, now if this is right then we have had full moons for about 2 months running around here, every night !