Two Armed Robberies, Same Victim

 Laurens City Police arrested a man Monday afternoon in connection with two cases of Armed Robbery and related charges. He is charged with robbing a Lurey Street, Laurens man at gunpoint and beating him on both occasions. Arrested yesterday was 21-year-old Darterious Ladameon Mims of 306 Lurey Street, Laurens, who is also known as “Chop Chop.” Mims is charged with two counts of Two Counts of Armed Robbery, two charges of Possession of a Handgun during a Violent Crime, two counts of Assault by a Mob 2nd Degree, and two charges of Kidnapping. The crimes allegedly occurred at the victim’s residence on Lurey Street on June 4th and again on July 18th. In the June 4th case, Detective Lean Riggott states that the defendant took money and a handgun from another man by means of force and violence and while armed with a deadly weapon, being a handgun. In the July 18th case she alleged Mims took money from the same man by means of force while armed with a handgun, again on Lurey Street in Laurens.

Mims allegedly had a handgun in his possession during the Armed Robberies.  Darterous L. Mims was also allegedly part of a mob that did inflict serious bodily injury on the victim of the armed robbery by violence and beating him with a handgun at the location on Lurey Street June 4th and July 18th. In both crimes, Mims allegedly held the victim against his will at the residence on Lurey Street.