Woman Stabbed at Home

Laurens County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Wood was dispatched to Collins Street outside Laurens at 8:42 yesterday morning on a report of a person with a stab wound. EMS had been dispatched on an initial report of a victim who had fallen, but on arrival they discovered she had been stabbed multiple times. Sgt. Wood reported finding the  Laurens area woman being placed in an ambulance for transport to Greenville for treatment of a severe laceration. He spoke with the woman’s 14-year-old son who said a younger brother called him saying he needed to get home. He said he arrived to find his mother face-down on the steps, so He called 911 and said she had fallen. He indicated that his mom later told him that a man broke into the house and stabbed her. She attempted to get away from him by running to the bedroom and locking the door, but he kicked the door down. This reportedly woke two younger sons who were still sleeping in the house.

   Meanwhile, about the same time, there was a 911 call from another woman on Collins Street who reported she had a visit from a man wanting to use the phone. She instead offered to call for him, and he asked her to call a number and tell his brother that his girlfriend had stabbed him. When the woman gave the man his brother’s reply, to go to the hospital, he reportedly got upset and walked off the porch toward Conway Avenue.