Clear Water On the Way!

   The additional treatment procedure the Laurens water treatment plant added last week appears to be having good results in treating the extra manganese and iron that has been coming in from Lake Rabon this summer. Laurens CPW General Manager Dale Satterfield yesterday thanked the staff at the Laurens water plant for their additional efforts in dealing with this issue: “I want to thank the operators at the water plant, they’ve been working so hard since the middle of last week and throughout the weekend. It looks like they’ve made lots of improvement in the water. Still not quite where we want it to be so they’re going to be making some small adjustments in the next couple of days to try to get it even better than what it is now, but we’re pleased that improvements have been made.”

  Satterfield was also thankful for assistance provided by a senior operator at the Spartanburg water plant: “I just want to thank one of the gentlemen from Spartanburg, one of their water treatment operators, senior operators, (who) came down and shared some of his experiences with feeding permanganate, which is what we began feeding last week to help combat this problem with iron and manganese. So it looks like everything’s going well.”

  Satterfield said that the improvements have spread through the Laurens City water system and are reaching out into the rural areas served by the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission. He said the farther-most areas, such as on Lake Greenwood, will eventually see improvements as water treated with the new method reaches their area.