Missed Court, Now More Charges

   32-year-old Brian Ashley Grady of 612 Little Acre Road, Clinton was served with Bench Warrants citing Failure to Appear in court to face charges of Manufacture and Distribution of Methamphetamines, Illegal Disposal of meth waste, Drug Attempt and Conspiracy and Possession of less than one gram of Ice, Crank or Crack. A 5th Bench Warrant cited Failure to Appear in court to face a charge of Possession of a Stolen vehicle. There was also a Violation of Probation charge, and he was being held for Probation officers from Spartanburg.

  Laurens City Police yesterday served a new charge on Brian Ashley Grady. They charge him with Theft of a Motor Vehicle. The warrant alleges that Mr. Grady took a 1999 Honda Accord valued at approximately $5,000 from 815 East Main in Laurens on January 14th, 2011.

   Brian Grady was also being held for charges from Clinton Public Safety.

 Also served with General Sessions Court Bench Warrants and a new charge from Laurens City Police was 29-year-old Ashley “Nicole Eubanks” Grady, also of 612 Little Acres Road, Clinton. She was also cited for Failure to Appear in General Sessions Court on July 5th to face charges of Manufacture/Distribution of Methamphetamine, Disposal of Meth Waste, Drugs Attempt and Conspiracy and Possession of less than one gram of Methamphetamine.

   Laurens City Police yesterday served a warrant on Ashley Nicole Eubanks Grady charging her with Breach of Trust. A warrant cites a May 30th, 2013 incident in which she allegedly obtained a 1996 Ford Mustang from Freedom Auto Sales at 337 North Harper in Laurens for a test drive, and failed to return the vehicle, valued at $3,995.

The warrant further states that the vehicle was also used in an incident in Laurens County involving a stolen license plate, and that it was located the next day, May 31st, 2013, in Tupelo, Mississippi by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Ashley Nicole Eubanks Grady also remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.