Early AM Police Chase

 A Laurens man was arrested this morning following a police chase around 3 this morning. Laurens County Deputy Jeremy McMahan was leaving the Laurens Square on East Main and pulled up b behind a Mercury Mountaineer at the Red Light at Harper Street. The vehicle suddenly turned left, on red, and headed up North Harper. The Deputy then followed and reported observing the car running at low-speed and making lane changes as if perhaps the driver was lost or under the influence. The Deputy indicated he was going to refer the eratic driving to Laurens City Police in order to continue on his answering a call in Clinton when he observed the car run another red light, turning from North Harper onto Hillcrest Drive. When Deputy McMahan activated blue lights the car, which had been traveling at 40 mph, reportedly sped away. The Officer also activated Siren and followed the Mercury down Hillcrest and right onto Church Street. The vehicle then turned right onto High Street and about some 50 yards the driver made a quick stop and ran from the vehicle. When the man refused to stop running a taser was deployed. The man reportedly pulled out the taser prongs and kept running. The deputy chased the man to the next street, noting the man continued fighting back against the deputy’s attempt to stop him. The taser was deployed again, taking the man down this time. Once the charge was over the man reportedly again began to struggle with the deputy so the taser was activated for another 5-second cycle. Deputy McMahan was then able to get handcuffs on the subject and transported him to the Johnson Detention Center.

  25-year-old Ernest Aaron Kirby of 104 Watts Street, Laurens was charged with Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, Resisting Arrest, 2nd Offense Driving Under Suspension of a Driver’s License and with Disregarding a traffic Signal. Spartanburg County was also reportedly putting a hold on Ernest Kirby, as they have a Bench Warrant citing failure to appear in court there.