Improvements for Hunter Industrial Park

 Laurens County Council this week approved use of county Industrial Development funds to upgrade Hunter Industrial Park.  Laurens Commission of Public Works General Manager Dale Satterfield was on hand Tuesday night and answered council questions regarding The Commission’s request for $200,000 for use in a project to move the Hunter Industrial Park to a Class “A” status.

   In his written request to Council, Satterfield noted two improvements needed to qualify the park on US 221 and Interstate 385 to achieve the upgrade.

    The first improvement consists of adding curb and gutter with basic drainage turnouts, eliminating the need for expensive catch basins and drainage pipes. The second improvement will be the addition of trees and basic landscaping.

     The projected cost for this project is estimated at $323,456. Satterfield asked for $200,000 from the county’s Industrial Park Fund, while the Laurens CPW will take care of the landscaping improvements in Hunter.

    County Council Chairman Jim Coleman reported that there is now six hundred thousand dollars in the industrial development fund. County Administrator Ernie Segars said that this fund has been in existence for fifteen years, and this is the first time the CPW has requested money from it.

     Once again there were some questions by council before this request was unanimously approved.

     Councilman Joe Wood asked “Just what will this accomplish for Laurens County?” Dale Satterfield said that if you do not fight for your piece of the economic development pie, you will not get it. Referring to recent industrial development activity, he said “the future of Laurens County is the brightest I have seen in my entire lifetime.

    County Council Chairman Jim Coleman noted “This does not guarantee anything except to maybe draw a new business to the county, and that is what this fund was created for.” Upgrading county industrial parks to a higher classification was in the Top Five Action Plan approved last week by the Laurens County Development Corporation.